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Property Litigation


Disputes or litigations related to HUF , others

on property matters ; transfer & Transmission;

wills, Gift, Lease, Mortgage Etc 


Conciliation, mediation & Arbitration .

Invoking applicable laws before jurisdictional

courts at Bangalore & across India .



Company Laws & All Corporate Laws


Disputes on merges and acquisitions,

Liquidation, Dissolution,Listings ,Stake holders,

Directors, Creditors Etc

Seeking justice before Registrar of Companies,

Tribunals, High Courts & Apex Courts 

across India .

Industrial & Labor Laws


Disputes / Litigations  between Employer and Employee - Industrial Relations ; Departmental - Enforcement Officers and Establishments on all Industrial and Labour Laws.   

Seeking Justice before the departments

upto Principal Secretaries , Labour Courts,

Industrial tribunals ,High Courts & Apex Courts.

Environmental and Pollution Laws



Criminal Laws

Bails - Including anticipatory Bail ,Fraud , Cheating, Conspiracy , Weights and measures, Criminal breach of Trust,Theft, offenses

against property, Damages , Documents to property marks , Criminal breach of Contracts ,

Cruelty, Deformation ,Intimidation , Insult & 

annoyance ,


Family Laws

Difference or Dispute between husband and wife , Restitution of conjugal rights , Divorce, 

Child Custody, Visitation Rights, Alimony

Finance and Property matters .

Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration

Remedies through Family Courts , High Courts

and Apex Court

Civil Laws

Ancestral Property , Parents Property, Partition of estate, Subsistence Allowance , Attachments , Seizure, Restitution ,Liability of Surety all kinds of Civil wrongs


Reference, Review , Revision , Appeals

Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration 

Appearance From Small Cause Courts to High Courts and Apex Court

Debt Recovery-DRT & DRAT

Appearance before tribunals and appellate tribunals

Recovery of Debts, stay of proceedings 

Medical Negligence, Compensation & Related Matters

Medical Professional or Establishments Liability

Claiming Redressal due to medical negligence

Breach of confidentiality

Civil Liability & compensation ,Criminal liability & Compensation

Indirect Taxation-inclusive of Central Excise & Customs, now GST

Central Excise ,Customs

Earlier Service Tax


Appearance before Department, Tribunals Upto National Appellate Tribunal ,High courts and Apex Courts

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